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OnSite Health is Singapore's next-generation provider of physical medicine in the workplace.

We help people live their healthiest lives, regardless of their busy schedule. This has an enormous positive impact on both employers and their employees. The on-site health care trend is rapidly growing, already proving its success at some of the world's most innovative companies.

Prevention is better than a cure.

We are a team of Physical Medicine Specialists who provide hands-on integrated conservative treatments right at the workplace. We make sure the patient’s individual experience is remarkable each and every time they visit us.

Setting a new standard in workplace health.

We are the team that is taking care further by bringing it closer to you. We believe in a new path of physical medicine and wellness and will work with you to establish a plan that fits your company and employees' individual needs.

Happier and Healthier Employees. It's simple.

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Happier employees

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Reduced cost

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Increased bottom line

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Increased employee productivity

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Health Inspired.

We provide safe, evidence based, cutting edge, non-invasive treatment options. We integrate the newest techniques and most comprehensive up to date conservative physical medicine offered today. No prescription medication, injections or surgery.

Our Core Approach

Four principles for a complete approach to wellness

Who We Are

We are a team that is creating a more convenient and personalized healthcare experience directly at the workplace. When you decide to partner with us we focus on understanding your company’s and employees’ health goals and needs.

Common Questions Answered

It means that our team will come directly to your company with all the necessary equipment and skills to help treat your employees' pain and wellness needs.  Your employees no longer have to leave the office for pain relief.

There are three different payment options. You can choose what's right for your company.

  • Employer covers cost of services. All services are offered at a discounted corporate rate
  • Shared cost between employer and employee
  • Insurance coverage

Sometimes your body needs some physical attention to feel better. Taking prescription medications can assist with pain reduction while your body is healing but usually it won’t correct the underlying problem. Physical medicine is an umbrella term for numerous therapies that encourage proper movement and function of the body.  Most commonly our doctors and therapists focus on caring for employees by working on an individual's body mechanics including muscle and nerve pain as well as joint dysfunction or instability. Common conditions we care for include:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Knee, hip and shoulder pain
  • Headaches
  • Muscle spasms
  • Trigger points
  • Knee, shoulder and ankle instability
  • Local inflammation
  • Postural correction

Please use the hyperlink in the email sent from your Human Resources Department for scheduling. Our goal is to make this as simple as possible for both employees and employers.

We spread the word about the services we offer via email. Therefore we only require the HR department to forward our emails to the employee base. We also engage in initial presentation of services to help your company and employees take full advantage of what we have to offer.

We take care of all the billing. If you are covered under insurance we can easily give you a receipt for services that can be submitted directly for reimbursement. If your company is not covered under insurance, then we can collect the fee for service as well.

There is no obligation or liability to the company for making our services available. All employees sign and agree to informed consent prior to treatment. Additionally, our team has all the necessary liability coverage to protect both parties.

Much less space than you might think! Our model is centered on the relationship between the patient and the doctor or therapist. A standard-size examination room is the standard space required. However, in the past we have converted empty boardrooms, or even sectioned off corners of the office with partitions for a few hours. Whatever the space you have we can make it work.  Also, we provide all the equipment needed.

Whether you have 20 employees or 5000, the OnSite Health wellness platform is scalable, which means we will make it work for you. It doesn’t matter how large or small the operation or what type of business you run; we will work to establish a plan that will suit your needs.

Improving the lives of employees and promoting a culture of health and wellness.

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